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Continued Wave of Job Cuts at Major Tech and Media Companies

The trend of job cuts within Big Tech and media firms in the United States persists, indicating that the wave of layoffs observed in 2023 may endure amid ongoing economic uncertainties.

Continued Wave of Job Cuts at Major Tech and Media Companies
Continued Wave of Job Cuts at Major Tech and Media Companies

Amazon, a prominent player, has also witnessed job cuts:

  • January 18: The Buy with Prime unit is laying off fewer than 5% of its employees.
  • January 11: Audible, the audiobook and podcast division, is letting go of 5% of its workforce, as indicated by a memo from the division head.
  • January 10: Amazon is set to lay off several hundred employees in its streaming and studio operations, extending job cuts into 2024.
  • January 9: Twitch, the streaming unit, plans to cut 35% of its staff, approximately 500 workers, as reported by Bloomberg News.

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has also witnessed job cuts:

  • January 22: X Lab, Alphabet’s division for developing new technology, is laying off dozens of workers and seeking outside investors for funding.
  • January 16: Google, part of Alphabet, is laying off hundreds of employees in its advertising sales team.
  • January 11: Google is laying off hundreds of people across teams, including the hardware team responsible for Pixel, Nest, Fitbit, and the majority of those in the augmented reality team.

Sky Group, owned by Comcast, plans substantial job cuts across its businesses, targeting about 1,000 positions as it transitions to internet-based services from traditional satellite ones.

Snap is planning to cut around 528 jobs, constituting 10% of its global workforce, while Salesforce is laying off about 700 employees, roughly 1% of its global workforce, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Microsoft is set to lay off 1,900 employees at Activision Blizzard and Xbox. Paramount Global aims to become a leaner organization with unspecified layoffs.

Business Insider plans to lay off around 8% of its staff, and IBM, while planning some layoffs in 2024, will hire more for AI-centered roles to maintain a stable headcount by year-end.

Aurora Innovation, an autonomous vehicle technology company, has cut 3% of its workforce as part of a reorganization exercise.

eBay is planning to cut about 1,000 roles, approximately 9% of its current workforce, and the Los Angeles Times intends to lay off 94 journalists who are members of the newspaper’s union.

Walt Disney’s Pixar Animation Studios is set to cut jobs after completing production on some shows, having more staff than needed.

Unity Software, a videogame software provider, plans to lay off approximately 25% of its workforce, cutting around 1,800 jobs.

The widespread nature of these job cuts across major tech and media companies underscores the ongoing challenges these industries face in navigating economic uncertainties.

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