Home Auto Avvenire’s Tectus: A Sci-Fi-Inspired Mobility Scooter for the Future

Avvenire’s Tectus: A Sci-Fi-Inspired Mobility Scooter for the Future

Avvenire's Tectus: A Sci-Fi-Inspired Mobility Scooter for the Future
Avvenire's Tectus: A Sci-Fi-Inspired Mobility Scooter for the Future

Never did I think I would use the words “cool” and “mobility scooter” in the same sentence. Mobility scooters, traditionally associated with enhancing the lives of elderly individuals and those with limited abilities, aren’t typically deemed as “cool.” However, Avvenire, a company with a vision, aims to revolutionize the concept of mobility scooters.

Enter the Tectus, a mobility scooter that looks like it belongs in a sci-fi movie, challenging the conventional perception of these vehicles. With an enclosed cabin featuring AC, heating, and high-tech additions like a backup camera, GPS tracking, and wireless charging, the Tectus redefines practicality. Avvenire has even incorporated a modular rear end, offering expanded cargo options.

But what truly sets the Tectus apart are

its capabilities. Sporting chunky all-terrain tires, it is powered by a 2,000-watt electric motor, boasting a top speed of 20 miles per hour—a significant leap compared to conventional mobility scooters. Its lithium battery packs, configurable up to 6,000 watt-hours, provide an impressive range of up to 99 miles on a single charge.

Avvenire recognizes the need for year-round transportation, especially among the aging demographic, highlighting a perceived lag in technological advancements for mobility scooters. The Tectus addresses these concerns, focusing on all-weather usability, comfort, and the convenience of wireless charging without bending over.

Aldo Baiocchi, President of Avvenire, emphasizes the Tectus’s versatility, stating, “The Tectus, with its advanced design and AWD system, can take you anywhere, anytime. There’s nothing quite like it. Now, seniors can travel in style and comfort without the need for traditional charging. The future of mobility scooters is here.”

Unlike standard mobility scooters designed primarily for indoor use, the Tectus stands out with its ability to navigate various terrains. Its robust tires and all-wheel drive capability enable users to explore beyond smooth pavement, all while enjoying the comfort of its enclosed cabin with AC and heating.

In terms of pricing and availability, the Tectus offers two trim levels. The entry-level Tectus Deluxe comes with an MSRP of $6,995 USD, while the advanced Tectus Ultimate, featuring additional perks like hot and cold cup holders, tire pressure monitoring system, GPS, optional fingerprint scanner, and wireless charging, is priced at $8,999 USD.

Products like the Avvenire Tectus hold immense potential in enhancing the mobility of individuals in urban settings. Its futuristic design and modern technology add a level of appeal, raising the question of whether younger individuals might find it suitable for urban commuting or even trail adventures.


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